Mid-Atlantic AquaTech Company Values

Marine Fish Breeders

In 2006, we began to develop a marine fish hatchery and production facility to decrease ocean encroachment, develop a viable coastal community business and to provide exceptional quality marine products to our customers. Through the years of development, we have brought several new marine products to market including spot, a marine baitfish and black sea bass, a highly valued marine food fish. Working closely with several Universities, we dedicated ourselves to expanding the diversity and success of US marine aquaculture.

We currently operate a pilot scale black sea bass production facility and are the first aquaculture producer to regularly sell commercial quantities of this fish. Our customers are some of the finest restaurants on the East Coast. For more information on our efforts, see Bradford Bay Farms and like us on facebook to follow our progress.

In 2015 we started a division to produce marine ornamental fish for the aquarium industry. The new division leveraged the skills we developed in the previous 9 years, extended our commitment to a balanced ocean ecosystem by reducing the number of fish taken from reefs and increased business stability by diversifying our product offerings. We are excited to be hatching and rearing marine ornamental fish and confident that our commitment to quality and experience in the hatchery will help grow the industry as a whole.

Core Values

Throughout our development process we have maintained three core principles to help guide our company.

Commitment to Quality

At MAAT, we are committed to producing the best quality product possible.  This commitment goes into every part of our process from the selection of our feed to the care of our animals.

Stewardship of the Environment

We believe we all have a responsibility to protect and preserve the environment around us.  We utilize methods to reduce energy consumption and waste whenever possible.  We have also implemented alternative energy technology into many of our production systems. 

Dedication to Stakeholders

It takes a team to do something great.  This team begins with our suppliers and service providers and continues with the MAAT staff.  However, it doesn’t end there. Our customers are key stakeholders.  We want to develop a partnership with each retail store customer to ensure each  of us shares a commitment to quality in order to  provide the best possible fish.  That, we believe, will build everyone’s business.