Mid-Atlantic AquaTech Breeding Process

Professional Ornamental Fish Breeders

To provide the best possible products to our customers, we have developed a breeding process that addresses all of the necessary components to produce a healthy and vibrant fish.

Our Water

To produce good fish we must have good water. Just as a land based farmer needs quality soil, we rely on our clean seawater. We have an excellent clean seawater source. It comes from the sea side of the Eastern Shore which is a designated UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. To maintain this designation, high water quality must be present and resources managed in a sustainable way. We pump our water from Bradford Bay and then filter and treat the water to provide our fish with a great source of natural seawater.

Egg Production Phase

In addition to clean naturally mineralized ocean water, quality eggs are needed to produce great fish. Many factors influence egg quality, but the most important are vigorous and well nourished brood stock. We go to great lengths to ensure that our breeding pairs are good parents. With proper nutrition, selection, and conditioning, the fish will take care of the rest and produce high quality fertilized eggs.

Larval Rearing Phase

After a period of incubation, the embryo develops until it hatches into larvae. The larval rearing stage is the most intensive period of production and requires close attention. Live plankton and optimal nutrition are required to develop through metamorphosis and into a juvenile fish.

Nursery Phase

As the juveniles transition in the nursery they are weaned on to a high quality pelleted diet. Fish are fed several times per day and require excellent water quality.

Growout Phase

During the growout phase, fish are usually transferred to larger tanks to provide room for growth and allow smaller fish better access to feed. During the growout phase, we strive to achieve uniform growth and develop the color intensity that our fish are known for. We utilize a specially formulated diet that brings out the natural coloration of the fish.

Packing, Grading & Shipping

After our fish reach market size, we inspect them individually to make sure perfect fish are shipped. We go through several steps to ensure that we only ship quality fish and that they remain healthy and in good condition throughout the entire supply chain.